Why this blog?

This blog is dedicated to making life easier for all of us.  While it began as strictly a caregiving blog, it is changed to so much more.  Caregiving can be much more than medical and legal, it is relaxing, cooking, cleaning, budgeting, pets and so much more!

You have to have a balance in life.  Whether it is digging in the dirt, crafts, pets, etc. that help you relax, make time for it.  That is why this blog is evolving into a much broader goal.  I want to show you many of the lessons we have learned in life while being caregivers.

We know that there will be many of us that are caring for parents, children, relatives or friends.  This blog will also be helpful for those of us that are aging ourselves.  It is never too early to make decisions about how we will cope during our senior years.

We are all just one accident or illness away from being caregivers.  Sometimes a child is born with developmental issues, a veteran comes home with injuries or a parent who is aging needs our help.

I am passionate about sharing the lessons I have learned over the last 5 years taking care of multiple people.  I have made some mistakes through not knowing what I should or should not be doing. It is hard to think when you are in panic mode. This blog will hopefully help you make decisions BEFORE you panic.

I will post often about subjects that I think will be of interest to our target audience which is YOU.  Subjects will include financial, legal, medical, common sense, etc.

I am also including sections that are designed to give you time to relax and enjoy life. Even if it is just a life of dreams for now. You can always get the ideas and goals to work towards. These sections will include working in the garden, seed starting, daylilies and recipes for you to try and lessons learned in the kitchen. (Disclaimer: I am not a great cook so when I find something that works out good it tends to make repeat appearances but everyone likes a little variety so I try a new recipe every so often just to change things up a bit!!)

If you need information you cannot find, please send me a message and I will try to help.  I have been in your shoes and it is a difficult journey

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