Patience – A Much Needed Virtue

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As we all know, being a caregiver can be very taxing.  It makes you draw on your strength, nurturing abilities and your patience.  Sometimes your patience is the hardest thing to maintain.

We have to remember that the people we are caring for might be in pain, embarrassed to have to have a caregiver, scared and/or mad at their bodies for breaking down.  They are not upset with us but the situation.

It is hard to have a loved one yell at you or refuse to cooperate with what you have to do in order to help them.  At times, they act like little children.  I particularly remember when Mom would get this look in her eye and just say “nope” when I tried to get her to take her pills or drink something.

There is no easy way to tell someone how to have patience.  What worked for me was to walk away and try later.  It did me no good to try to ask her to take it again or “force” her to do it.  Sometimes I was able to distract her and she would do it without realizing it.  Sometimes music will calm someone.

Sometimes you just need a break.  The next three posts will be about Respite Care.  It is a way to get away from the situation enough to come back refreshed and ready to begin again.

What do you do when your patience is at an end?  Please let us all know so that we might be able to try it when we really need it.

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