Legal/Medical – Do not resuscitate order – DNR

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Make sure you check with your medical team to make sure this is true in your state!

DNR (do not resuscitate) is another option you need to think of.  This is when you are having a heart attack or other medical emergency and dictates whether you want heart compressions done.  Mom did want to be revived and we went along with her wishes until she was hospitalized when she was in her 80s.  The doctor told us his opinion was that if Mom ‘coded’ it would kill her to have the compressions done.  He stated that her bones would break and if she did live she would be in excruciating pain or have her lungs punctured.  I fought it for quite a while but finally made the tough decision to follow through with his advice.


Think it through and do what is right for your family.  This decision is hard either way.

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