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A living will is where you designate what you want to happen in case you are in certain situations that could mean living beyond what you would want to.  For example, you could state that if you were in a permanent vegetative state you would not want to live.  There are many options for this so you will need to make the choices that are right for you.  Thought should be given to the person you are selecting as some people due to religious reasons might not be able to follow through with your choices.  Whomever you choose should be consulted prior to this decision and have a complete understanding of what your wishes would be in any situation.  The person that you designate would not actually physically do anything to end life but would be able to give the document to the medical personnel.

Both medical power of attorney and the living will should be given to your medical team.  We gave a copy to mom’s doctors and the hospital.  When we moved her here, we than gave copies to her new medical team including the local hospital.  If there becomes a nursing home involved, they will want one too.

Living wills are a very serious decision and should be given a great deal of thought.  Do not rush into a decision and do not assume just because you are younger that you do not need one.

11 thoughts on “Legal Talk – Living Wills

  1. I agree! My mother-in-law passed a few years ago and she did not have a living will. This devastated my husband and his family back home as they tried to “figure” out what to do. This experience has changed how we look at the future.

    • It is hard. My mother had one but we did not have to use it. It would have been hard to make that decision but the doctors were on top of it.

  2. My husband and I have thought and talked about this several times. It is a hard subject to bring up because we both feel different ways. But I agree that it is something that needs to be done, no matter how old you are.

    • It is hard. You have to take so many things into consideration. For example, what does not being able to live without being attached to a machine? My friend said she would never want to depend on a machine to live but would that not include dialysis? It needs to be very specific in my mind.

    • I am glad you are thinking about them. It seems a little depressing but it really matters and you never know when or if you will need one. Have a great day!

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