How hospitals , clinics or health departments can help with elder care

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Most hospitals or clinics have social workers that can give you advice, phone numbers, names,  etc.  I did not think that they would help when Mom wasn’t there as a patient. It probably helped that Mom had been a patient there before.   I think it depends on the person you get in touch with sometimes too.

I called our local hospital and talked to a social worker who gave me some ideas and then put me through to their home health nurses.  They were very helpful as to the things I could do to make Mom’s life more comfortable.  They suggested different equipment to help with Mom’s specific needs and even gave me several places to check to get the equipment.

They were very careful not to endorse a specific place or person to go for help but having choices was great.

They also told me everything they could do for Mom.  I assumed it would be very limited but they were able to come out and do Mom’s weekly blood draws and even trim Mom’s toe nails (Mom was on warfarin and bled very easily).  .  They had people that could come help Mom bathe also.  They also told me what they could not do such as house work, feeding, etc but gave me phone numbers to find someone in case I would need them.  They had people that could come help Mom bathe also.

They did explain that some of it would be paid by insurance and some of it would not.  It also depends on what coverage you have.

Health departments also have great information available.  More of their information is geared towards general health care but they usually have a list of helpful  information.  They have information about immunizations also.

Bottom line is you just have to ask.  It is surprising how much help you can get.

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