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Meals on Wheels is a great program that has helped many seniors or disabled people get one nutritious meal a day several days of the week.  Generally they are delivered by volunteers so that costs can be kept down.

We decided to get Meals On Wheels for Mom following a hospitalization.  With her Parkinsons getting worse, the shakes made it not safe for her to cook.  Even carrying the hot food to the table could have caused a burn, so we set up the Meals On Wheels.  They did an interview with us to get to know Mom’s likes and dislikes and any medical information needed.  Allergies were discussed to make sure there would be no problem.

Mom’s meals were delivered 6 days of the week at lunchtime.  She didn’t always like what they brought as they had to be somewhat bland since they were fixed for a lot of people who might have had other dietary requirements. We bought spices so Mom could alter the food to her taste.  The volunteers would bring them into the house, put them on Mom’s table and chat for a bit.

The only problem Mom really had was opening some of the containers.  They were Styrofoam and the bowls had lids that were challenging for Mom.  Some of the volunteers took the extra time to open them.

Mom’s meals cost $3.50 per day which I thought was a great deal.  She had food that she didn’t have to cook and someone in the house daily to make sure she was ok.

Unfortunately, it does not exist in all areas.  Follow this link to see if there is one in your area:

Even worse, with budget cuts, many programs are having to cut back on the number of days they can deliver and/or raise prices.

We had also looked into other options such as a small company that made meals and delivered them that was a little more expensive.  It sounded like it would be a good deal also but it was only 5 days a week.  Your local Chamber of Commerce might know of a service like this.

Of course, tv dinners are an option.  Home cooked meals could made up ahead of time and frozen into single servings.  This would be good if the person could handle the microwave.  Family members,  friends or volunteer organizations might be willing to do this.

Mom loved deli food so every week when I did her shopping, I made sure she had potato salad, lunch meats, cheese, bread, etc. so she could make an evening meal.  I kept fresh fruit and juice on hand also.  I made sure I opened all the containers and then loosely closed them so she would not have problems.

Bottom line, there are many ways you can make sure your loved one has food on hand that they are able to eat.  Any of all of the above could work together.

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