Help I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up – Help Pendants

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You have all seen the advertisements for these help pendants.  There are many companies out there and they all have different offerings so I will not recommend a specific one.  BUT, they are terrific in reassuring your loved one AND you that if something bad happens, someone will be there to help.

Generally you can get a necklace, bracelet or both.  There are normally waterproof so they do not need to be removed even to bathe.

We got mom’s first one after she had been hospitalized.  She was still in fairly good health but with her living alone, I felt the money was well spent.  In that case, the company came out and installed the unit but it was simple.  There was a small receiver about the size of a box of greeting cards that you plugged in to the wall and then the phone was hooked into it.  When it was installed, we made a test call by pressing the button to make sure it worked.  A voice come out of the box and called my mother by name and asked if she needed fire, medical or other help.  We just said we were testing and they said it was working great.

We had previously filled in Mom’s information with a list of three people who could be called in an emergency before they called 911.  They call those numbers and if no one can respond quickly (if they are at work, out of town, etc.) then they call 911.  We choose to put down three family members that lived in the same town with Mom but anyone that would be familiar with your loved one would work.

The first time that Mom used it she had fallen in the bathroom and could not get back up.  She pushed the button and calls went out to my brother and both his daughters.  All responded and had her up and back in bed within 5 minutes.  Mom much preferred them calling family members instead of 911 since she “didn’t want to cause a fuss”.

These pendants can be used for medical emergencies, fire, prowlers or any event that makes the person afraid.

When we moved mom we had to change companies as the previous one did not work in my state.  This time we got both a necklace and a bracelet.  It also came with a lockbox that hung on the door that we could leave a key locked in.  The company would give the police or fire department the code so they could unlock the door as opposed to breaking in.  What a great idea!

Give careful consideration to who you put on the contact list so that hopefully one of them would be available most time.  For example, we did not put both my brother and his wife as they are generally together if not at work.  With everyone’s life being busy, it is impossible to have it covered all the time.

Mom was hesitant to use the pendant as she didn’t want to bother people.  It embarrassed her that she was falling.  After multiple falls at home when she would not use it, we had to move her up to my home.  I explained to mom that it didn’t cost to have the police or ambulance come unless the ambulance transported her but she would lay on the floor (sometimes overnight) until she either was rested enough to get up herself or someone stopped by.

Hopefully, your loved one will see the need for this and not see it as a nuisance.

It can literally be a lifesaver.

Has your family used one and did it do what you expected it to do?

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