Great site to check for benefits – FREE – really free

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You see it all the time.  Someone tells you they can help you get the benefits you deserve.  You go there, fill in some forms and then they say for $*** we will get you your information.  Well, this site is free and run by the government.  I tried it about four weeks ago and have not had a call or a spam email about it.  I did check into some of the places they told me to check and they are legitimate.

The site is  It asks you questions to personalize your report.  It also asks your zip code so that it makes sure the benefits are available in your area.  It took me less than 10 minutes to answer all the questions and did not ask for any identifying information (Social Security number, name, address, etc)

When I was done, it gave me a report that I could either print out or save.  I saved mine onto my computer so I could look at it several times as I do not have a printer.  Also, with the computer file, I can click on the sites to fill in information if I feel I would qualify.

In my case, some of the suggestions were things I personally don’t want but it was interesting to find out what all is available.

This would be good for anyone that might need help regardless of age.  I realize a lot of seniors are suspicious of putting personal information on a computer (and they should be if it asks for social security numbers) but since this doesn’t, I felt confident doing it.


2 thoughts on “Great site to check for benefits – FREE – really free

  1. all of this is really hard! but it’s so much better to be prepared, no matter how much it hurts! i promise that if it’s put off til the final moment it’ll be even harder, so while u can, before that final moment, talk, research, investigate, get educated, make lists, plan! not that a plan can be followed but it can serve to give direction! force issues!! answers have to be made, don’t let questions be unanswered. write stuff down and discuss it again, and again later. SHARE your feelings! all of them! cry, rant, rave, LAUGH!! look back on life and share memories, make new memories. one thing is certain, death happens, and when it does, you can’t go back, you can’t take things back, you don’t get DO OVERS, so DO now! death isn’t the worst thing, watching someone die isn’t the worst thing, changing your loved ones dirty diapers isn’t the worst thing, the worst thing is not sharing the love while you still have time. SHARE!

    there ARE resources, there IS help, there IS support!!

    there IS no sense in waiting, in being afraid, there IS sense and comfort in doing!

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