Area on Aging

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Area On Aging

Our local area on aging is one of 667 Area Agencies on Aging nationwide and one of eight in Nebraska that help ensure older Nebraskans remain independent, healthy and safe in their homes and communities for as long as possible. Authorized by the Older American Act of 1965,

I am sure that there is one in your area.  I looked on the internet to see if there was a central location to search for one but the only information that I found that was nationwide is: or   Both of these have places where you can search for one in your area.  Otherwise, you could search for “area on aging in ****” with the **** being your town and state.

Today’s older adults are looking forward to longer, more active lives. To help them accomplish this, most Area on Aging can coordinate services for people ages 60 and older to maintain the independence they desire. Most of the services are provided at a no cost basis, but a voluntary contribution is requested to help defer the total cost of provision.

Here is a listing of what ours does so that you have an idea of what information you might find from yours.

In-Home Services – Services where people come to people’s home to help

Center Services – Services offered at our local county service centers

Transportation – Need to get to an appointment – We’re here to assist you.

Caregiver Support Services – Helping families provide their loved ones with appropriate care.

Care Management – Details on our friendly faces that will help you.

Health and Nutrition – Living and eating for a long healthy life.

SMP Program – Understand, identify and prevent healthcare fraud

Ombudsman – An advocate for the rights and well-being of nursing home and assisted-living facility residents

Once a year they help set up volunteers to come out and help people with their Medicare Part D selections.

Check out the Area on Aging in your location. 

There is a lot of help out there that will make your decisions easier.  Don’t be afraid to ask.

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