10 Places For Help So That Elderly Can Live In Their Home and Still be Safe

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10 Places For Help So That Elderly Can Live In Their Home and Still be Safe

There are statistics that show that people do better in their own homes.  They feel comfortable, do not feel like they are a burden, can do things at their own pace, etc.  Naturally we would all like to see our loved one have their pride and be able to be at home.  There are many places to look for help when you see that they might need some help.  It will make you feel better and them be safer without causing any as much stress as moving them will.

These 10 places are just a beginning of places to look. Some may apply in your circumstance.  This is a basic overview.  I will be going into much more detail on each one in the future.

  1.  Meals on Wheels – this organization (or one like it) will prepare and deliver a meal to someone once a day.  Some towns do it 5 days a week and some 6 days. When we set it up for mom, we were asked what she did and didn’t like to eat.  This not only insures one good meal a day but also has one more set of eyes on your loved one.
  2. Area on Aging – This organization is nationwide and is very helpful on getting you information about what you can do.  If you are in a smaller town, they might not be able to give you information about caregivers in your area but they can probably tell you where to go to get this information.
  3. Local Health Department or Hospital – These agencies might be able to help with lists of “employees” you can hire to help out in the home.  Some are bath aides, some are medication aides and some are cleaning aides.   Always check the people’s references before you hire them.  I did interviews just as if I was hiring them to work in a ‘regular’ job even though this was much more important.
  4. Help Pendant Company – These are the companies that advertise “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” pendant.  There are many different ones out there with some being worn on the neck and some on the wrist.  When I called my local Area on Aging they gave me numbers of several.  We bought one when mom was home and then had to change to a different company when we moved her in with us.  The second company had a lockbox  we left a key in case fire or emergency people had to get into the house when we were not home.
  5. Veteran’s Service Officer  – Was either parent a veteran?  There are several programs that can help veterans and/or their widow/widower.  You will need to meet with the officer to find out what you might qualify for.  You will need financial information and the veteran’s DD214 (which is the discharge papers).
  6. Health and Human Services – Depending on the financial status of the loved one, they might qualify for help from the government.  In the state I live, you can apply over the internet and then they will do an interview with you.  Most states have income and resource requirements.
  7. Church Organizations – Many churches have volunteers that will help visit with seniors in their home.  This is one way of ensuring that their spiritual health is continued and another set of eyes.
  8. Family and Friends – Often, people will help if you just ask them.  Many times we are reluctant to but most people are willing to stop in weekly or bring over some food occasionally if needed.
  9. Local Bus Company – In the small town mom lived in they had a bus service that was for the elderly.  It provided safe transportation to medical appointments, shopping, etc.  You had to call a day in advance and plan on arriving a little early at your destination in case multiple people had to be somewhere at the same time.  Cost was under $2.00 each way which was much less than a taxi.  I found the drivers to be extremely helpful to the customers.
  10. Local Grocery Stores and Pharmacies – A lot of these businesses are doing deliveries.  It might be simpler for your loved one to have these items delivered rather than go outside.  We called in an order on one day and they delivered the next.  They carried the groceries in and put them where mom could put them away.

This list is by no means complete.  There are many places to go for help.  The main thing to do is find these places BEFORE you need them.  Make up a list of phone numbers, contacts and what they do and put them in your binder so when you need to take action, you can.

What other places have you thought of or gone to for help?

133 thoughts on “10 Places For Help So That Elderly Can Live In Their Home and Still be Safe

  1. Thanks for posting this information! Although both of my parents have past away, I know how hard ti can be to care for aging parents and how confusing and horrible it is to move them from their home. I really appreciate you giving out this information!

  2. Very informative post!!! A lot of people will find this useful- it is hard sometimes to find the best option- and this shows all the options people have!! Great!!!

      • I much like the significant information you give inside your content pieces.I will bookmark your web page and check out again right here rou&1nely.It#82i7;m rather convinced I’ll know a whole lot of recent things right below! Fantastic luck for your up coming!

  3. My grandmother is going through this right now. She is getting to the point where she needs more help than she can get in home though. I do understand why she doesn’t want to move to an assisted living community… it’s just hard because it is getting very dangerous for her not to be living with someone =(

    • That is a sad time. Elderly people generally want to stay home and they do not see the need to have more help. I don’t know if it is stubbornness (couldn’t have been with my mom..lol), wanting to maintain their independence, fear, not wanting to face the changes they are going through or a combination of them all. We had tried to talk to mom about it for several months prior to her having to move in with us but she was insistent that it wasn’t necessary. That is why I put this list together so that people have choices that MIGHT help people stay in their homes and be safe.

  4. We have lots of elderly widows and widowers in our church and we try to do our best with helping them out as much as we can. I know the youth in our church do their yard work and help with cleaning and such. These are great resources to use, I didn’t know much about any of them, but will find use for them.

    • It is a great idea to work with the youth helping the elderly. I think both generations would benefit. The youth keep the elderly young. The elderly can teach the youth a lot if they are willing to take the time.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I like what you had suggested. I am also a firm believer in three generation living, of course when it works. Not all families get along that well. I know my parents want to just live with us when they get to that need. My husband is fine with the idea as well. But I know we are unique.

    • It can be a real blessing. I was glad had the ability to help mom but realize that there are a lot of people for different reasons that do not have that choice. It is best to be prepared for any situation.

  6. Thank you for sharing this. Thankfully my parents are still far away from this, but I know that it is important to know your options. My husbands grandmother lived in a senior apartment complex until she passed away a couple of years ago. It was just like a normal apartment, but there was some extra help plus she had someone come every day to help her with different tasks. This was much better than having to be in a nursing home. She also did not have her own house so this was the best option for her. I do think that it is also important to stress being healthy even as you age. All but one of my grandparents are no longer living, largely due to poor health choices. I am glad that my mom and mother in law are working in getting healthier now as they are in their 50’s.

    • I think it is great that your mom and mother-in-law are taking better care of themselves. I have started to do much more to take better care of myself in view of my aging. I think assisted living arrangements are great in not putting people into an “old Folks’s home”. My mom was determined never to go in one and luckily never had to.

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    • I cannot imagine the stress of dealing with being a caregiver when you are miles away. We were only 70 miles apart so the weekly trip was not much. I will have to do some research into long distance caregiving and see if I can give some ideas for that also. Good luck.

  8. What a helpful post! I have a number of friends going through this right now, so I’ll definitely be sharing with them. One of them has grandparents who are over 90 and are determined to stay at home, no matter what arises. It’s definitely caused her stress.

    • It is heartbreaking to see someone declining. You want to help but sometimes wonder how to make the decision to make a change. There are alot of options out there but knowing what the right one is is challenging. Make sure she takes care of herself too!

  9. This is a great list, some I’ve not heard of or thought about. My parents are getting older. Not sure what it will look like when one needs care. So far we’re managing well. Good post, food for thought.

    • I am glad your parents are doing well. I am glad that more people are being allowed to stay in their homes as long as safely possible.

    • I agree that it is best for anyone to be where they feel best. Hopefully people can use these resources to stay home as long as it is safe.

  10. This is a great list and also something that I have been dealing with for the last couple of years with my parents. We did find help in a local church that is wonderful. They will transport to doctors appointments in the larger city. They will sit with the elderly so that the caregiver can run errands or have some time for themselves. All at no cost or charge.

    I was disappointed in my parent’s local pharmacies because they no longer deliver medications. They say they are inundated and can’t keep up with the demand. I just wish I lived closer than 2,000 miles.

    • That has to be so hard to be that far away. I should have added RESPITE CARE to the list as they will do the same thing as your church is doing. But, it is great that your church does it for free as so many people are on a limited income. I am surprised the pharmacy didn’t just hire more people and charge a minimal fee to pay the wages of those that did it.

  11. This is great list of resources. Fortunately, I haven’t needed this yet, but I’m going to bookmark it in case I do someday. It’s nice to have it all in one place. It seems like it was yesterday that my grandmother was at home and my parents were checking in daily on her. I know the tides will turn…
    Thanks for posting such valuable information.

    • I know that some people HAVE to put their loved ones in a nursing home but I was able to keep mom at home except when she had medical problems. It is a hard decision to make and depends on your circumstances.

  12. I’m forwarding this post to my mom who is going through some changes with her parents and needing help with them. They live in their own house but can’t keep it up anymore or themselves so they are looking into assisted living. It’s hard to see grandparents go through this change.

  13. I hadn’t really ever though of places to find help for the elderly. Unfortunately my Grandparents have all passed on and my parents are still really young. You have a great list of resources and I wish I had more to add, but I will definitely refer to this list as I need the information. Krista @ A Handful of Everything

  14. What a great resource you’ve put together! My parents are no longer living but I remember the days when we had to make decisions. SO much stress and so many things to do…I’m sure your list is helping make others’ days easier. Thank you. 🙂

  15. This is such a great resource for people with aging family. I lost both of my grandparents this year and thankfully they were both able to be at home until they passed away. I have an awesome family and the hospice nurses said they don’t see support like they saw in our family very often. Meals on Wheels was definitely a great resource for them.

    • Thank you for helping to take care of your family. I know that for some people it is just not possible but I am sure your grandparents were thankful.

  16. Both of my parents are their early to late 70s and my father has had some recent medical issues. This is a great list of resources and I agree that it’s better to find a reliable source before you need it; that way you’re not rushed feeling the stress of having to find someone “Right Now!” Thanks for compiling and sharing.
    Jae Mac @ I’m Just Sayin’…(Damn!)

  17. What a great list! I’m not sure that I have anyone who would benefit from this list, but it’s a great list to start from if you’re looking for a place to volunteer as well! Thanks for sharing!!

    • That is a great idea to use this as a possible list of places to volunteer. Once I get over the pain on losing Mom, I think I will do that too.

  18. Good list of resources; thanks for putting them together and sharing. Fortunately not in a position to need them at this point in my life, but a good reference for the future. I’m sure it’s not easy to find this kind of information when you really do need it.

  19. My mom, 85 years old, lives with us. I’m glad we have her close so we can run her errands and keep an eye on her health. I can’t imagine what it would be like if she didn’t live just a few steps away. This is new territory for us and will probably be looking for these type of things in the near future.

  20. Thanks for this information. My parents have always told me that they never want to be put in a home and this information is really helpful. Thankfully, for the moment, my parents and even grandparents are very healthy!

  21. We had the honor of caring for both sets of parents as they entered their elderly years. That was definitely a very rough season in our lives. Your list is fantastic! We used many of these resources. In their final months, hospice was the biggest God-send ever. My biggest advice to anyone going through this would be to not try and do it alone. Seek help from everywhere. And don’t ever feel guilty for taking some time for yourself and your family now and then.

    • I think people would rather be at home so it is so important to get the tools necessary to keep them there as long as they are happy and safe.

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  22. This is a great list and so important to have this information before you actually need it. We all know that one day our parents, grandparents or other people in our lives will get old or sick, but we never know when. Great info-thanks!

  23. Great list of resources just like everyone said. My granny is 79 and lives alone. She is full of life and healthy. I want her closer because her husband died earlier this year, so we shall see. She lives in TN and we live in GA!

    • I am glad your granny is doing so well. She might like to move closer but it is hard to leave friends behind. If she would move now while she is still in good health she could make friends in your area too. Good luck!

  24. Great resources. In our area, we also have a Department of Aging that provides different services and supports to the elderly from light housekeeping, to light carpentry or plumbing repairs, etc. It’s all free – but the supplies must be paid for in advance.

    • That is great. I think in some of the larger towns, this is probably common. In smaller towns, maybe churches or other organizations get together for this. When I was in Jaycees, we did this every year as project.

  25. Thank you for sharing. My husband and I retired to Florida a little more than three years ago leaving children, grandchildren, extended family, and friends back in Wisconsin. Your list of resources for elders will be added to my “important document folder,” in the event we have a need to call on any of these services for assistance in the future.

  26. I am in total denial that my parents are getting older. In all seriousness I know that they are and this list will come in handy in the future. Thanks for sharing!!

  27. My very very close friend is the local Council on Aging director. Her group helps so many people. Now, the local 4H chapters have started teaming up with the local senior groups and helping them out. The seniors LOVE being needed and get a serious self esteem boost, and the kids benefit from the huge wealth of knowledge. It’s amazing!

  28. What a great post! Very informative! We were blessed to live with my grandparents and my mother helped care for them both until they passed. I know everyone can’t do that.

    Thank you for sharing! I can see myself sharing this with friends and family. I like the idea of planning ahead and not when crisis hits. Great job!

    • I think it is great that you were able to live with your grandparents. It seems like we got away from that but I think more people are going back to that. While a great idea if you can do it, a lot of people physically or financially can do it. Hopefully you got plenty of memories out of it.

  29. These are great resources! We just moved across the country & my mother-in-law is living with us right now while trying to find her own place to live… It’s not easy & it seems like it would almost be cheaper for her to buy a place rather than rent, but trying to find the money for a down payment isn’t that easy either!

    • It is difficult to have a parent or in-law live with you as you lose your privacy but I understand sometimes it is necessary. Rentals in our area are high. Good luck.

  30. This is a great list of resources, and you are right about checking things out before it is necessary to use them. In my mother’s case we did not have that luxury. If senior housing or assisted living is the only answer, be sure to check them out, too. We had to move mother from the first one because she was so unhappy there. She was very content in the new one and had two good years there before she passed away. One thing I chose to do as her daughter was to never send her to doctor’s appointments by herself, even though the facility would have provided that service. I always scheduled the appointments so that I could take her. I know she appreciated that.

  31. A lot of these businesses are doing deliveries. It might be simpler for your loved one to have these items delivered rather than go outside. We called in an order on one day and they delivered the next. They carried the groceries in and put them where mom could put them away.

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